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St. Francis Hospital’s Fracture Service

Where your fracture is first treated makes all the difference…

St. Francis Hospital has introduced a 24-hour hotline for our new orthopedic Fracture Service. In the event of an emergency involving bone injury you can contact our hotline any time of day or night and self-refer yourself to St. Francis Hospital.  

Call 1-833-SF ORTHO (1-833-736-7846)

Most people in our region know of St. Francis Hospital’s national reputation for cardiac care and heart surgery. But we also perform one of the highest volumes of orthopedic surgeries on Long Island. Our surgical team is unmatched for general and complex fractures – including upper and lower extremities, pelvis, acetabulum, and spine.

If you or someone you know suffers a sudden bone injury, call 1-833-SF ORTHO (1-833-736-7846). 

  • Patients who’ve sustained a fracture can self-refer.
  • Practitioners can initiate a hospital transfer.
  • Our referral coordinators will handle all logistical issues, 24/7.  

The top hospital in Long Island for cardiology is also the go-to destination for complex orthopedic surgery.