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Three Month Old Baby Boy Meets Medical Team That Saved His Mom from a Stroke

19 November, 2018

Roslyn, NY- November 20, 2018- Diana Parson and her family have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The 37-year-old Hempstead mother suffered a stroke just six weeks after giving birth to her youngest son Damar. She unknowingly tore her carotid artery during the strain of childbirth. It triggered a potentially deadly blood clot. But thanks to quick thinking medical teams at St. Francis and Mercy Hospitals of Catholic Health Services, Diana made a miraculous recovery and looks forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with her husband and two sons.

Diana said she was getting up to feed her baby on October 7 when she suddenly fell to the floor. Her husband Patrick knew something was terribly wrong. So he drove her to the Emergency Room at Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Centre where doctors realized she had suffered a stroke. They gave Diana an intravenous clot-busting drug called tPA. But after getting no response, they rushed her by ambulance to St. Francis Hospital where doctors not only repaired her damaged carotid artery, they performed a minimally invasive procedure known as a thrombectomy to remove the clot. Diana instantly woke up in what doctors describe as the “Lazarus effect.”

“It was very emotional to see Diana being brought back to life almost instantaneously. Nurses began crying when she woke up,” said Jeffrey Farkas, M.D. Dr. Farkas and his highly specialized team are experts in neurointervention. Guided by x-rays and angiograms, they are able to thread catheters through blood vessels to locate blood clots and dissolve or remove them.

Diana, a home health care aide, who is used to always helping others, can’t express how grateful she is to the medical team that saved her when she was helpless and couldn’t speak. She considers it a blessing to be able to see them again just two days before Thanksgiving in the place where she got a second lease on life. “It’s scary to think what could have happened, but I’m feeling great and just so happy to be here,” says Diana, who looks forward to spending a quiet holiday at home with her family and newborn baby boy.

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