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Four-Year-Old Boy from Zambia Celebrates Pre-Memorial Day Picnic After Getting Gift of Life at St. Francis Hospital

May 25th, 2018
happy little boy with family and staff

ROSLYN, NY, May 24, 2018- Despite always being hungry, Milton Miti had a hard time eating due to a hole in his heart that left him stressed out and severely underweight. Milton suffered from Patent Ductus Arteriosus or PDA, a congenital heart defect that made him too tired to play like most children his age. But now, the four-year-old boy from Zambia has a new lease on life after undergoing a minimally invasive cardiac procedure at St. Francis Hospital.

staff with Milton and his dad

Sean Levchuck, M.D., Chairman of Pediatric Cardiology, donated his services to repair a hole in the little boy’s heart that was three times the usual size from the debilitating condition. Using a plug threaded to a catheter inserted through a needle he was able to close the hole in Milton’s heart. Just a day after undergoing the life-saving procedure Milton bounced back with more energy than ever.

“Typically, the hole should have closed at birth, but instead it increased in size, making it a difficult condition to treat,” says Dr. Levchuck. M.D. “We were able to use the latest technology to repair Milton’s condition, so he can lead a complete life.”  

The child’s life-saving trip to the U.S. was sponsored by Gift of Life, Inc. and the Interact Club at Manhasset High School, a youth organization connected to the Rotary Club that raised $5,000 to help cover costs for Milton’s medical care. Members of the club were reunited with him just before Memorial Day weekend to celebrate his first holiday picnic in this country.

The child’s father Milton Sr. says his youngest son and namesake loves soccer and looks forward to finally being able to play with his older brother. After suffering from persistent coughs, sores on his tongue, and stomach pains, things are looking a lot brighter for Milton Jr. Just in time for this Memorial Day weekend, he will be able to celebrate the launch of summer by eating hamburgers and hot dogs -a true holiday treat.

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