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The CardioMEMS HF System

May 2019: Heart Failure is a devastating condition, which may result in severe debilitation and death. Many heart conditions can cause heart failure. The most important strategy of preventing heart failure is to closely monitor the patient and rigorously manage the underlying heart condition. The CardioMEMS HF System is a monitoring system, which allows the doctor to evaluate the pressure inside patient’s heart wirelessly. Typically the pressure inside the heart goes up before patient develops HF. Clinical studies have shown that using this personalized approach to treating heart disease allows physicians to more proactively manage a patient's care while reducing the likelihood of heart failure related hospitalization. 

The CardioMEMS HF System contains a small pressure-sensing device that is implanted directly into the patient's pulmonary artery. While at home, patients lay on a special pillow to wirelessly take a pressure reading. Data from the sensor is collected through radio frequency to the pillow's antenna and then is sent wirelessly to the patient's doctor. This information can then be used by physicians to proactively adjust medications and treatment plans, if needed. 

Rita Jermyn, M.D. directs the CardioMEMS Program at St. Francis Hospital. She has implanted and followed over 300 patients with the device and is one of the leading implanters worldwide. Dr. Jermyn has authored numerous publications on CardioMEMS. 

The GUIDE HF study is a clinical trial, which will assess whether the CardioMEMS device can improve survival and quality of life for people living with heart failure mild or advanced. This trial is designed to build on the clinical experience gained from previous successful trial and aims to providing additional clinical evidence to further expand coverage for this first-of-its-kind technology. Dr. Jermyn is the leading investigator at St Francis Hospital for The GUIDE-HF trial. She has already enrolled a number of patients into this trial. To be considered for entry into this clinical trial, or if you’re a patient living with heart failure and want to be evaluated by our program please, contact the St Francis Heart Failure program at 516-562-6426