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Collaborative Cardiac Care for Cancer Patients and Survivors

With the success of modern cancer therapies, cancer survivorship has been significantly improved over the past two decades. However, many such patients may suffer from acute or late cardiovascular (CV) toxicities as a result of chemotherapy. CV toxicities not only contribute to cardiac morbidity and mortality, but also significantly impede the ability to deliver life-saving cancer treatments. Heart failure is the most common form of late CV toxicity with associated one-year mortality as high as 45% in the elderly population, an outcome worse than many types of cancers. The key to prevent the development of overt heart failure is early detection of CV toxicity and provision of cardio-protective therapy.

The Cardio-Oncology Program at St. Francis Hospital – a collaboration between Department of Cardiac Imaging and the Cancer Institute at St. Francis Hospital – is one of a few programs in New York State that brings the expert cardiologist into the oncology field in order to provide optimal cardiovascular care for cancer patients during and after treatment.

The missions of our program are to:

  • Identify patients with existing CV conditions, or who are at risk for developing CV toxicity prior to chemo, and provide close monitoring and early intervention.
  • Utilize advanced imaging modalities – including 2D, 3D echocardiography, strain analysis, and/or cardiac MRI and biomarkers – to identify patients at early stage of CV toxicity and provide continuum of care for these patients.
  • Provide care for patients who present with heart failure following traditional treatments including anthracyclines, radiation, and newer agents such as trastuzumab and tyrosine kinase inhibitors.
  • Provide cardiac care for the patient with systemic amyloidosis.

In addition to serving patients from the Cancer Institute at St. Francis Hospital, we are accepting referrals from all other hospitals and local oncology practices. After being referred to the Cardio-Oncology Program, each patient will meet with our cardiologist for a comprehensive consultation and evaluation. Following the evaluation, which may include cardiac imaging and laboratory tests including pro-BNP and troponin to further define a patient’s CV condition, an individualized monitoring and treatment plan will be developed based on the type of anticancer treatments and CV condition.

In addition, our patients have access to many resources at SFH, including experts throughout the fields of cardiovascular medicine including cardiac imaging, heart failure, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, and other specialties.

Make an Appointment or Refer a Patient

For patient appointments, please contact the Cardio-Oncology Program

at St. Francis Hospital at (516) 626-0700.

2200 Northern Blvd, Suite 132
Greenvale, NY 11548

Cardio-Oncology Team

Haoyi Zheng, M.D., FACC
Director of Cardio-Oncology Program, St. Francis Hospital

Bhoomi Mehrotra, M.D.
Director of Oncology, St. Francis Hospital